Below you can see a collection of media related to epigenetics science communication and knowledge translation efforts for my research. There is a range of different efforts meant for target audience groups such as scientists, clinicians, and the general public. Throughout my graduate research I was focused on communicating and translating the message that there is no “No safe time, No safe amount” when it comes to alcohol consumption during pregnancy. My postdoctoral efforts have primarily focused on biotechnology and bioinformatics as well as a larger scale epigenetics science communication projects with the Canadian Epigenetics, Environment and Health Research Consortium (CEEHRC) and EpiGenie.



OSHU & Swift Webinar

An invited webinar for the Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cardiovascular Institute (OHSU KCVI) Epigenetics Consortium and Swift Biosciences that demonstrates our low-pass WGBS bioinformatic approach.

Qiagen’s IPA Webinar

An invited webinar from 2013 for Ingenuity Systems (now part of Qiagen Bioinformatics)

EpigenomicsNet Interview

An interview about the future of epigenetics for the scientific journal Epigenomics, which was filmed in 2016